BSD & Linux • Networking • Hosting

HermeTek Advanced IT Solutions provides BSD and Linux support, as well as customized, fully managed hosting solutions that allow you to focus on your product, not your infrastructure.

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BSD • Linux • Networking

We provide comprehensive support for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and other Unix-Like operating systems. Additionally, we provide network design and support services with security and fault tolerance as top priorities.

Dedicated • VPS • Cloud

We provide highly customizable hosting solutions and can accomodate almost any requirement, whether it be high availability, private circuits, private networks, business continuity, or something else.

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Company Focus

We focus most of our expertiese in the following subject areas, which combine to provide comprehensive solutions for all businesses.

  • OpenBSD

    Especially in HA router, load balancer, and firewall roles

  • FreeBSD

    All facets of the system, but especially large ZFS storage deployments

  • Linux

    Debian and RHEL derivatives (Ubuntu, CentOS) as well as other distributions

  • Config Management

    Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt and home-grown systems

  • Virtualization and Cloud

    KVM, VMware, OpenStack, CloudStack, Proxmox, and others

  • Business Continuity

    Design your infrastructure to be fault tolerant, and to survive disaster

  • Networking

    Design, implementation, and management of datacenter and campus networks

  • Security

    Layered security models that protect your infrastructure against multiple threats

  • Scalability

    Futureproofing designs so that they easily adapt to your ever-changing requirements

What people say about us

Read some of the testimonials from our amazing clients

HermeTek continues to surprise me with superlative service. They're immediately available, personable, and very detail oriented.

by Van FFilm Industry

I have used Hermetek for several different computer consulting situations and every time they've shown extensive knowledge of all aspects of the IT field.

by Brayton SHealthcare Industry

HermeTek is a lifesaver when it comes to Linux expertise. Every time I've needed help or advice they've always been there and always done great work.

by Jose RIT Industry