HermeTek provides comprehensive IT management services

We provide personalized consulting services for your business. Our comprehensive, knowledgeable, and secure approach to today's technology challenges will give you peace of mind and the confidence to move your business forward. Contact us to discuss how we can help today!

We specialize in OpenBSD network design and FreeBSD servers, and provide an array of support services for commercial networking equipment and Linux. Additionally, we provide network and server hardware, hosting, and transport services.

We solve complex IT problems with open source software

Our strong focus on OpenBSD networking allows us to replace expensive commercial routers and firewalls with maintainable, secure solutions that cost significantly less while providing significant security and flexibility.

Our expertise in the BSD and Linux families of operating systems makes us an excellent choice to manage your services infrastructure. We support hundreds of software packages and provide development services for custom solutions.

We will minimize your IT overhead and maximize your productivity.

Supported BSD Systems

We specialize in BSD and offer complete solutions based on the following operating systems. Each of our engineers have at least five years of experience in production BSD-based network and server environments.

  • OpenBSD
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • pfSense
  • FreeNAS

Supported Linux Distributions

We provide support for Linux on workstations, networking appliances, and servers. We have Red Hat Certified Engineers on staff and stand behind the quality of our work.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS Linux
  • Fedora Linux
  • Debian Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Slackware Linux
  • Gentoo Linux
  • Others (ask us for details)

Supported Network Equipment

  • Cisco routers
  • Cisco PIX/ASA/FWSM
  • Cisco, HP, Dell, Netgear Prosafe, and other managed switches
  • Sonicwall
  • Palo Alto
  • Barracuda
  • Lightspeed
  • Others (ask us for details)

Supported Software

We support everything on our software support page (and more.) We also offer custom development and automation services that will save you time and money. We use the standard Unix toolkit of C, Perl, and sh to make your job easier.

Secure VPS Hosting

OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, or Windows. Dedicated resources that are never oversold. Fast servers, included backups, and IPv6 support.

Starting at just $39 per month.

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