Who we are and what we do

HermeTek Network Solutions was founded in April of 2007 with the goal of providing local companies quality technical services for their in-house networks. After a year of providing consulting for a broad range of products, we decided to focus specifically on open source solutions due to our interests and backgrounds.

We expanded our base and began to provide remote technical support to clients all over the United States and continue to do so today. We have very strict standards for our work and a strong commitment to proper design, clean code, and rigorous security.

We love and recommend OpenBSD and FreeBSD for their security, design, capabilities, and rock-solid stability, but our specialization expands to cover several distributions of Linux as well as the abundance of software listed on our software support page. We design and build secure networks that range from simple office connectivity to large service provider networks.

We’re excited to design your network, fix your server, or simply provide general consulting services for whatever you many need. If the flexibility or cost savings associated with open source technologies interest you, give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you.