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New Client Portal

We are changing the way our system handles ticketing, time tracking, and project management. In the past, this has mostly been managed through an email-based ticketing system, called Request Tracker. While we are still using that for some of our automated workflows, we are moving to a ticketing system that can be integrated with our client portal to better serve you.

You will still be able to send emails to sales@ and support@, like you always have. However, you will no longer receive an automated reply with the ticket number. We found that to have caused issues with certain SPAM filters, and opted to disable it. Instead, you can log in to our client portal and view both your active tickets, and ticket history. You can also create and manipulate tickets through that interface. Any ticket without activity for 72h is automatically closed. We have also implemented a live chat system on our site, simply visit our site and open the dialog at the bottom of the screen if you have a quick question.

In addition to the ticketing changes, we have implemented two new systems in our client portal. The first system is used for time tracking. When you log in to the client portal, you will see a menu item for “TIME LOG”. If you are not under an unlimited service contract with us, this will show how many pre-paid hours you have available for use. You will also be able to order additional hours by going to SERVICES -> Order New Services -> Hourly Labor. There is a column for Expired hours, but don’t worry, we do not expire or plan to expire hours in the future. They will continue to roll over.

You will also see a MY PROJECTS menu. Once we have created projects in the system for your account, you will be able to view and manipulate them. We will be able to use this to share notes, files, discussions, milestones, and other important aspects of your projects, in an interactive and transparent manner.

We have been sending password reset notices to clients who have not logged in for a while. Please log in and ensure your information is up to date, as well as edit your contacts accordingly. Contacts that you create under the HELLO <NAME> -> Contacts/Sub-Accounts menu, with the “View & Open Support Tickets” permissions will be able to take advantage of these new project management and time tracking capabilities.