Virtual offices for telecommuting companies

Companies without a strong physical presense often struggle with file sharing, telephony, and other services that are often taken for granted in physical offices. We designed CloudCommute to address that.

CloudCommute is a VPN based solution that enables remote workers to connect to a hosted "virtual office" to access centralized file shares, phone systems, and other services that your business depends on. Our basic package is designed to give a small company access to central file storage and tiered permissions, just like in a traditional office setting. It includes a fully managed VPN router, fully managed Windows Server 2012 ® file server, and creates a scalable foundation for you to add infrastructure and services as your company grows.

CloudCommute Example Topology

Once connected to the VPN, your laptop, desktop, or even entire house becomes a logical extension of the virtual network we maintain for you. It operates much like a local LAN in a typical office setting, with the only major difference being that bandwidth varies based on the Internet connections used to establish the VPN. All traffic to your Secure "Internal" Area is encrypted using industry standard AES encryption.

As your company expands, you can use VPNCommute Plus appliances at physical office locations to connect the entire branch to your virtual office. We can even route traffic from the VPN to servers located at your branch locations.

Pay quarterly and receive a 5% discount. Semi-annually, a 10% discount. Annually, a 15% discount.

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