We design networks from the ground up to be secure, scalable, fast, and reliable.

OpenBSD Networking

HermeTek is one of the few companies in the United States that specializes in OpenBSD network design and implementation. We can help you utilize the OpenBSD networking stack to deploy fast, scalable, reliable, and secure networks without the costs associated with Cisco, Juniper, or other commercial routing platforms.

OpenBSD’s OpenBGPD has allowed us to build BGP routers with multiple gigabit peers to provide access for and protect thousands of machines. In addition to OpenBGPD and OpenOSPFD, OpenBSD has excellent VLAN, QoS, LACP, routing domain, load balancing, and packet filtering support that can be leveraged to create enterprise-class network infrastructure.

We have spent years working with OpenBSD as a routing platform and have deployed major internet points-of-presence utilizing it. Through our experience, we have developed a detailed understanding of how all of the pieces can work together to provide robust and reliable solutions.

OSS Networking

Aside from OpenBSD, we offer support for FreeBSD and Linux networking, including major networking projects such as pfSense and Quagga. We can create secure, scalable solutions using open technologies to suit any size environment and would love to discuss options with you.


Mikrotik RouterOS is a proprietary operating system based on Linux. It is a powerful and efficient networking platform packed full of features and great for wireless projects, such as wireless ISPs. Mikrotik provides versatile and affordable hardware that is great for small-to-medium deployments.

Commercial Vendors

We also offer a full range of network support for vendors such as Cisco, HPE/H3C, Juniper, Netgear (Prosafe), SMC, Dell, and more.


We provide training for most things open source, including OpenBSD. We’re enthusiastic about getting you on board with managing your own open source network. We have a test lab equipped for teaching everything from basic concepts to advanced BGP peering and staff ready to help you master all of these things. Because our training is dependent on your existing skill level, it’s hard to price without talking to you, so drop us a line.