OpenBSD is one of the best routing and firewall platforms available, and offers an incredibly low TCO. Our experience with it translates directly to a great experience for you.

OpenBSD is capable of multi-gigabit routing, running major routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF natively, great redundancy, traffic shaping, scaling to thousands of VLANs and dozens of routing domains, and securing networks to the strictest of standards.

We will consult with you to determine the best configuration and send pre-configured units to your site. We can even arrange to install them.

Each unit we sell comes with one year of support that includes:
  • Hardware support (troubleshooting and NBD replacement)
  • Software updates
  • Interface configuration (Physical, VLAN, GRE, etc included)
  • Daemon configuration (OpenBGPD, OpenOSPFD, relayd, ifstated, SNMPD, other components included in the base system)
  • PF ruleset configuration (including anchors, ALTQ, etc, as complex as you need)
  • VPN configuration (site-to-site IPSec, OpenVPN)
  • Nightly offsite configuration backups
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Remote monitoring, alerting, and traffic graphs

Extended support, redundancy, and training can be provided. Contact us for a custom quote today. Prices start at just $499.

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